Thyme Out Cafe and Local Market open for business in Missoula

MISSOULA — Missoula has a new business on the block: Thyme Out Cafe and Local Market features Pearl Boba Tea and about a dozen other vendors.

“Dreams do not come to fruition or thrive without a little help here and there,” Kim Agnew, owner of Thyme Out Cafe, told MTN News.

Agnew’s first business, Thyme Management, prepares healthy meals and hand delivers them to customers. She started that in 2017. The idea for a storefront struck her when she drove by a for-sale retail space in March.

MTN News

“I knew that someday I wanted to have a retail outlet,” Agnew explained, “I brought the idea in and we really didn’t have a solid plan. So this is all just kind of fallen into place and manifested over the last 90 days, and here we are.”

The retail spot for Thyme Out features grab-n-go meals, but there’s also microwaves on site to “heat-n-eat” with cafe-style tables and chairs to sit down in.

“This space was created basically…

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