Today’s jobs require digital skills. CT libraries provide tech support

Victoria Morrell was looking to rejoin the workforce last year, but she had some reservations.

A teacher for many years, Morrell knew her skills were in demand, but she didn’t feel confident using the devices and software the profession requires today.

“Technology has gone so quickly from the time I was using it and teaching,” Morrell, who is 73, said. “It’s, like, exploded.”

Advancements in internet technology — for everything from online job applications and virtual interviews to communication platforms and remote-work tools — kept the economy running during the pandemic.

But the faster things changed, the more people have been excluded from economic opportunities, like Morrell. The skills and devices necessary to participate in the modern economy remain out of reach for many.

In a recent study, researchers with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia found that workers with computers and broadband internet at home…

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