Tom York on Business: San Diego Lagging Other Cities in Jobs Recovery from COVID

A help wanted sign is posted at a taco stand in Solana Beach. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Personal financial services website WalletHub has unveiled a list of cities that are having the best recovery in terms of reducing unemployment. It’s disappointing to report that San Diego isn’t anywhere near the top. In fact, we’re way down the rankings, coming in at 117 on the list of 180 cities.

The local jobless rate as of May is 6.2%, close to the national average of 5.8%. This unfavorably compares to the No. 1 city on the list, Manchester, NH, which posted a 1.6% jobless rate.

Despite lagging in terms of getting people back to work, the region is still expected to bounce back as our economy emerges post-COVID. Tourism, among the region’s largest sectors, is predicted to do well.

“Around two-thirds of Americans plan to take a trip this summer, which should inject a lot of money into the travel, hospitality and entertainment industries,” said Jill…

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