Top 10 Smart Cities Worldwide

We chart 10 of the smartest cities across the globe to see how the intersection between cutting-edge technology and urban planning is helping populations around the world.

Smart cities use ICT technologies to fuel smarter and more sustainable development practices, such as transportation networks, water supply, and heating, as well as promoting safer urban spaces.

10. Chicago 


The US’ third-largest city, Chicago is using a variety of smart city technologies and strategies to continue their growth and development. Its Open Data portal plans to address and overcome the digital divide, which has been heightened by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and its ‘Array of Things’ urban sensing network aims to address the city’s issues with poor air quality, congestion, climate change and pollution. 

Population: 2.6mn (approx.)


9. Boston 


One of the first cities to experiment with smart programmes, Boston’s long term plan is to create…

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