Tort reform is needed for small business COVID recovery

Half of our country’s workforce is employed in small business. Unlike large corporations, some of which grew during the COVID-19 shutdowns, small businesses are particularly vulnerable. About one-quarter of them closed during the pandemic.

Christopher Schweickert 

Here in California, over one-third closed. Their owners and employees are still working to pick up the pieces. Our lawmakers have offered Paycheck Protection Program loans and loosened certain regulations to help them make it through the pandemic, but there’s still a big gap — protection against unwarranted litigation.

This need is not new. Small businesses have been threatened by frivolous lawsuits for years, particularly in California. You can sue a small business over anything you want. It costs just $400 to file. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In America, everyone should have their day in court.

But easy access also means easy abuse. Each year the American Tort Reform…

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