Tucson Business Owners gather against $15 wage increase in Tucson

TUCSON (KVOA) – A voter initiative to raise the minimum wage in Tucson to $15 has several local business owners outraged.

Currently, Arizona’s minimum wage is $12.15 an hour.

Monday night, business leaders throughout Southern Arizona met up at Union Public House to band together against raising the minimum wage increase in Tucson to $15 dollars by 2025.

“We came as a group of Tucson business owners to basically make a message to advocate for the city of Tucson and for unincorporated Pima County to say no to the proposed minimum wage increase that would happen for just the city of Tucson,” Grant Kreuger, Vice President of Tucson Business Owners Inc. said.

The voter initiative still needs more signatures before it’s presented to Tucson City Council. Councilman Steve Kozachik says that if it does go through, he’ll show his support.

“One of the major costs of doing business is doing recruitment and…

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