Tulsa Distillery Back To Business After Months Of Making Hand Sanitizer

A Tulsa distillery that switched from making alcohol to making hand sanitizer during the pandemic is now back to normal.

For about eight months, Red Fork Distillery filled bottles of sanitizer and donated them to first responders – but that’s far from their specialty.

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“Normally we’re just making spirits; we’re making vodka, we make whiskey, we make bourbon, we make unaged white whiskey, we make moonshine,” said Owner and Proprietor Mike Hoey.

Hoey said putting the release of their whiskey line on ice and taking a shot at sanitizer was the right thing to do, but with Green Country’s return to normal, he’s in high spirits.

“Now that we’re out of the hand sanitizer business and back in the spirits business where we want to be, it’s taken a little bit of time, but as restaurants open up and as bars open up, it actually helps us,” he said.

Hoey said the growth he’s seeing is partially thanks to the…

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