Two friends from Stanford build a business around selling dusty adventure gear | News

The friendship of two Stanford University undergraduates — and future business co-founders — started off with a series of outdoor misadventures.

The first expedition that Alex Friedman of Menlo Park and Sasha Landauer of New York City shared as Stanford sophomores was a “terrible” surfing trip where Landauer said she almost drowned in Pacifica. Novices, they picked a challenging day to try surfing at Linda Mar and got yelled at by other surfers and roughed up by the waves.

Later, they went backpacking together, and one of them forgot a sleeping bag.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when they both became frustrated at the limited options for selling and reselling gear, that the seeds were planted for what would become Switchbackr, a new online platform for selling used outdoors gear.

At the time, Friedman said he was looking for somewhere to sell extra camping gear and buy a bike and couldn’t find any online platform where he could easily do both….

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