U.S. inflation could affect 2022 Senate midterms in Georgia, Arizona

Republican activists seek drivers’ attention as they work to register voters to their party at a gas station in Garden Grove, California, U.S., March 29, 2022. 

Mike Blake | Reuters

Matthew Rice doesn’t have to look hard for signs of inflation in Savannah, Georgia.

A gallon of gas cost $2.79 a few months ago, he said. Now it runs him more than $4.

“And, of course, when the price of gas goes up, the price of products goes up,” the 45-year-old added. “So yeah. It’s played a role in our household.”

Rice, a longtime Atlanta Braves fan and graduate of Armst­­rong State University, is one of the tens of thousands of Americans who say rising prices are straining their household budgets and shaping how they think about this year’s elections.

Gradual but steady jumps in the costs of groceries, housing and gas have forced consumers like Rice, who manages reservations for an RV park on nearby Tybee Island, to change how they spend money.

While his work has been busy…

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