Utah business is booming. Just ask Qualtrics, SAP or Stadler Rail

It’s not at all surprising that a confab featuring Utah’s tech-savvy Gov. Spencer Cox interviewing Jazz owner/Qualtrics co-founder (and uber-fan of all things Utah) Ryan Smith would yield some notable moments. But the real revelation was how bullish both men are about the state’s growing reputation among members of the international business and investment community, a group that is increasingly seeing Utah as a gold-plated target for investment and expansions.

The interview was featured during a presentation at the SelectUSA conference last week hosted by President Joe Biden, who also spoke to attendees from around the world.

Besides the celebration of the ongoing and outstanding on-court success of the Utah Jazz, here’s a few things we heard:

Utah’s rep made the Jazz deal a snap

Newly minted Utah Jazz owner Smith told Cox it took him exactly two phone calls to round up financial partners to join him ahead of buying Utah’s beloved NBA…

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