Vanovers’ headstone restoration business still going strong 3 years later

C&M Headstone Restoration | Photo by Ryan Richardson

C&M Headstone Restoration was conceived by Charles and Monta Vanover when they decided to transform their hobby into a full-time gig. Over the last three years, the business has restored more than 1,000 monuments.

Before starting the business, the Vanovers were conducting research on their family tree and discovered that several of their tombstones were broken or damaged. After a workshop in Arkansas — where they learned the ins and outs of the industry — they began restoring their relatives’ tombstones. 

“We started out working on our families’ sites and helping out friends when they asked,” Charles Vanover said. “We got started at Brushy Fork Cemetery in West Daviess County. Word spread and it took off from there.”

There are several rules on products and tools that can be used when restoring headstones. Ascending demand paired with a rising cost of chemicals is what…

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