W Series Racing Championship Business Model Provides New Opportunities For Female Racers

Catherine Bond Muir, CEO of W Series at the Anglesey Circuit in Wales May 2021.

courtesy of w series

Across the globe, efforts have been placed on equalizing women’s sports. Formula racing is no exception. Both in the racing paddock and driver’s seat, from Susie Wolff to Claire Williams and Sara Price to Sabré Cook, car racing has become more inclusive than it ever has been before. The recently launched W Series, a female-only free-to-enter racing championship, eliminates the financial barriers that have historically prevented female drivers from progressing up the ranks of motorsports. 

Catherine Bond Muir, CEO of the W Series, is changing the perception of what it means to be a female race car driver. 

For many formula race circuits, every team has a mechanically different car, giving drivers and teams with the most lucrative backing a vantage point over their competitors. However, the cars in the W Series are mechanically…

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