Weather sets back Fort Madison’s Business 61 Rehab project

FORT MADISON (WGEM) — Fort Madison city officials said their Business 61 rehab project that will convert the four lane highway on Avenue H into a three lane conversion is running behind schedule.

Public Works director Mark Bousselot said crewmen and heavy machinery are still completing underground work on Avenue H between 6th and 10th Street.

Bousselot said they’re hoping to move on to surface work in the next couple of weeks but wet weather has set crews back.

“We’d like to have, have had the underground work completed by now, but we’re still half time on the contract,” he said. “Obviously it’s something that’s going through the back of our minds, but they still have some time to try and get the project done.”

Bousselot said the project will create a three lane conversion. He said it’ll be one lane traveling in each direction with a center turning lane to make traffic move faster.

“It’s important because it’s truly just…

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