West Philly business owners have lost faith in the city to keep them safe

Visit one of our historic commercial corridors in West Philadelphia or any predominantly diverse community after sundown and the sight is the same: silver shutter gates, dark storefronts, and empty businesses that have closed for the day.

Now, on that same day, visit Center City after dark. Bars and restaurants are thriving, people of all ages stroll by storefronts, and everyone is open for business.

The reason for the difference? Public safety.

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I have spoken to countless West Philadelphia business owners who would love to be open longer each day, but they choose to close at nightfall because they have no confidence in the City of Philadelphia to keep them or their patrons safe from the rising tide of gun violence.

In the last two months, a Dunkin’ Donuts manager in North Philadelphia was murdered as she was opening the store at dawn, and West…

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