What Happened When the PetNet Smart Pet Feeder Went Out of Business

  • The Amazon and PetCo-backed startup PetNet sold a WiFi-connected pet feeder controlled using an app.
  • When a failed acquisition forced the company out of business in 2020, customers were left with useless hardware.
  • An analysis by Insider founder that of 33 wearable or connected home startups leading the industry in 2015, only 12 sold products that are actively supported today.
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Allen Sampsell knew something was up when his cats started to act out. Freya, a “chonker” born without a tail, and May, a younger tortoiseshell with all of her appendages, were hungry. Sampsell had no idea how many days or hours the duo had gone without eating.

“My cats very obviously kept acting like they weren’t getting fed,” said Sampsell, who works on…

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