What’s Up South Texas! Young entrepreneur passionate about shoes starts own business at 15

SAN ANTONIO – A young man in San Antonio started his own business, and now, he’s showing others the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Jona Covarrubias has always loved fashion, but more specifically, shoes.

So you can imagine the excitement on his face as a 15-year-old attending his first sneaker show at Cowboys Dancehall.

“I got inspired by the person who ran the event basically, and then I was like, ‘I can do this. I can put an event together. I can rent out tables, I can rent out the venue. I can do all of this,’” Covarrubias said.

While he had the drive, he didn’t have the money. But, he worked hard to earn it.

“At first I started selling candy and stuff like that. In high school, I bought fidget spinners and started selling them when they were a trend and that is where I got my money to start my first event,” he said.

Covarrubias created the Lace Up Sneaker Show, growing from just 30 vendors to now over 150.


To this date, he has been…

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