When will business travel rebound? Top Workplaces 2021

CLEVELAND, Ohio — As the COVID-19 pandemic trails off, when will business travel return?

The return of conferences, conventions and meetings depends on vaccines, state rules and people’s comfort levels. But the pandemic may have so changed the business world that remote meetings become part of the norm.

Ashley Qualls, director of human resources at Embrace Pet Insurance, believes travel could return toward the end of the year.

“Think about it even this way, like pro sporting events. They’re now starting to fill up stadiums to full capacity, which wasn’t an option three months ago,” Qualls said. “I think as we see how the vaccine works and how it impacts people’s ability to get together, that will open things up more. I would like to say by the end of the year we start to see some normalcy, but I would think until next year really we’ll start to see those conferences come back or annual conferences that we’re used to attending.”

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