Who Runs the Business World? Women, That’s Who.

The Missouri Women’s Business Center continues pushing forward.

According to the United States Census Bureau, roughly only 33% of businesses are owned by women. Luckily, thanks to organizations like the Missouri Women’s Business Center, these numbers are on the rise. 

A program of Central Missouri Community Action, the MoWBC is a nonprofit that empowers women to become business owners or assists those who already are.

“We provide business development assistance to women who would like to start or grow a business through free, one-on-one coaching and training,” says Jessie Yankee, director of the MoWBC. “We work with basically anybody — from somebody who just has an idea to somebody who has been in business for 20 years who just needs some help pivoting in this new world. A lot of what we do is just being their advocate and being their accountability partner to help them keep the goals that they set themselves or with us.”

Jessie and the…

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