Why that sofa you ordered isn’t showing up soon

Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall weighs in on enhanced unemployment benefits, economic recovery, infrastructure spending and reconciliation. 

In the latest sign of the U.S. economy’s post-pandemic disarray, even companies that have built domestic supply chains are running up against extreme shortages of goods and labor.

Furniture chain Room & Board Inc. procures more than 90% of its products inside the U.S., with its closest supplier some 4 miles from its Minneapolis headquarters—a contrast to many of its competitors, whose supply chains stretch back to factories in China.

But amid sky-high consumer demand and shortages of labor and many materials, some Room & Board customers are waiting months for sofas and dressers. About half the items it sells are in stock right now, down from 90% normally. The company emailed a pre-emptive apology to customers earlier this year, noting many purchases would likely face delays.


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