Will Downtown Boston Economy Ever Return To Pre-Pandemic Levels? – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — This is a big week for the Greater Boston economy.

The Boston Marathon marks the unofficial kickoff the high tourism season after a couple of years of severe pandemic damage to that key industry.

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Here to talk about the future of the tourism industry, the economy, and more is the President and CEO of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Jim Rooney.

Jon Keller: From your perspective, what are the serious hits our economy has taken from COVID?

Jim Rooney: The hospitality and tourism industry. Anything that involved gathering suffered greatly. And you look at our restaurants, our entertainment venues, sports facilities, hotels…

JK: Foreign tourism in particular, right?

JR: Well, the foreign visitors…think about the type of visitors that Boston attracts, largely a good international group. Business travelers, tourists, conventions, and meetings. But think of medical travel, think…

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