Without answers, Clay business park for semiconductors a bad move (Your Letters)

To the Editor;

I read with great interest your opinion on the prospects of bringing a semiconductor manufacturer and developer to CNY. Indeed, our region seems primed to welcome the jobs and economic development that would come with it, something most of us can agree on is much needed.

There are however, many troubling potential environmental problems with that type of development. But I want to address another issue.

What many people are not aware of are the tactics being taken by our county government to obtain land it considers needed to increase the chances of landing such a project. I am referring to the ordeal the homeowners on Burnet Road in Clay near the White Pines Business Park – a proposed site for such a development – have been going through.

It seems our county government finds it appropriate to threaten unwilling sellers with the specter of eminent domain if they don’t cave to the pressure of selling out to the county. While some homeowners…

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