Woodland’s Montoy’s Landscaping owner grateful for increased business during pandemic – Daily Democrat

For Angel Montoy, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive impact it had on businesses scared him because he was worried about one thing — his employees and their families.

“Of course I was worried about my family too, but having all these guys working for me and all these families depending on Montoy’s to provide, I got worried at the beginning,” Montoy recounted.

Montoy is the owner of Montoy’s Landscaping, a Woodland-based company that often gets hired to help with city projects or by residents looking to fix up or change their backyards. The company was lucky during the pandemic to have actually experienced an increase in demand for its services.

“Once we started receiving calls and getting jobs, I felt like I was blessed that I was able to help them, and of course, help my clients,” he said.

Montoy’s son, Luis, said it felt great that they didn’t lose any business.

“We predicted that it would have gone down because…

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