World stock markets fall due to an increase in Covid-19 infections and fear of Delta variant

The rebound in Covid-19 infections in several countries due to the new Delta variant , has the world on alert. Such concern was manifested this Monday in the global economy , when the main stock exchanges of the world registered notable falls , even higher than 2% .

“Stock markets start the week with negative movements where investors are concerned about the impact that the rebound in COVID-19 infections could have, due to the highly contagious Delta variant, and inflationary pressures on the global economic recovery,” they said. Banorte analysts cited by El Financiero .

Source: Yahoo Finance .

The experts at Vector Casa de Bolsa agree that “the markets are concerned that a rebound in the cases of Covid-19 will slow down world economic growth,” the same media reports.

Against this background, yesterday’s trading session closed in the red:

– The Dow Jones Industrial Average (New York) fell 2.09% to 33,962 points, its biggest loss since October 2020.

– The S&P…

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