Wow! Dollar Tree Hits $1.25 in Ocean County What’s Next For NJ


Well, I’ll be honest I do find things for our home at the Dollar Tree. Call me cheap, but they do have a lot of good things for the home at inexpensive prices. But now we have to ask ourselves; is the increase in price worth the product?

We hear a lot about inflation and is this a direct effect of inflation? The current rate of inflation is 7.5% in the United States, a 40 year high in America. So maybe we should not be surprised that businesses are raising their prices. Not only at the Dollar Tree, but all over and including at the gas pumps too.

We also have to now factor in the Russia – Ukraine War and how this volatile situation will affect prices, especially at the pumps and to heat our homes this winter and to cool them this summer. Lots of things going on economically for us in New Jersey, around the nation, and the world too.


Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels


Speaking of the Russia – Ukraine War our thoughts and prayers go out to all the innocent…

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