Your digital presence is your new business card

People form an opinion of you within seven seconds of meeting you in person. They give you 0.05 seconds on the internet.

With such a short window to offer a first impression, why present yourself online — the world’s window into your organization — as anything less than your full value?

Your digital reach became your new business card after COVID-19 upended commerce the way we knew it. Customers and employees form an impression of you within a fraction of a second of seeing your website, how you appear in online publications and on professional social media.

Your online presence precedes all future interactions, whether virtual or physical. An ancient or no website, media placements or social presence signals to the world that you don’t care about your business, whether or not it’s true.

It’s never too late to reverse course and demonstrate the specific solutions you offer to your specific market within 50 milliseconds.

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