YouTube Blocked, Reinstated Channel Documenting Abuse Against Uyghurs

  • YouTube blocked a channel logging abuses against the Uyghur population in China’s Xinjiang region. 
  • The channel has since been reinstated, its owner told Insider. 
  • The videos documented testimonies from people who said their families disappeared in Xinjiang. 
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YouTube has reinstated a channel that belongs to a group documenting abuse against the Uyghur population in China’s Xinjiang region.

The channel, Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights, is owned by Serikzhan Bilash, a prominent Kazakh activist. YouTube on June 15 blocked it for breaching its anti-harassment policy, according to a Reuters report published on Sunday.

Bilash on Sunday confirmed to Insider in a WhatsApp message that the channel was back up. YouTube confirmed it in a tweet. It did not respond…

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