Ypsi women balance small businesses with motherhood

When Ypsilanti resident Cheranissa Roach’s daughter was 8 years old, she said to her mother, “You always encourage others to go after their dreams. Why don’t you?”

That was a life-changing moment that helped affirm Roach’s desire to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur.
Cheranissa Roach.
“As a mom, you can raise your children to be smart, compassionate, kind, and successful while you pursue the dream of business ownership,” Roach says. “You can do it, and in doing it, you give your children one of the most important lessons in the world. You tell your children they can do it, they can go after their dreams, but what if they see you are not doing it?”

Now, Roach coaches other women in entrepreneurship through her business and life coaching firm, My Coach Char. Her business tagline is: “Helping moms pursue their dreams, while raising their families without sacrificing either.”

Roach is just one of many “mom-preneurs” – women juggling motherhood and…

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